The Dutch Friends of the Otterhound was founded in 1983. There is no other official breed club in the Netherlands. Formally the Otterhounds are represented through the Dutch Hound Club. Similar breed clubs in other countries have the same goal; preserve the pure bred Otterhound with all his specific qualities. There are regular contacts with the breed clubs in England, U.S.A, Germany and Finland.


The club publishes an informative and fun Newsletter four times a year, for members. By keeping in touch with Otterhound breeders and -owners all over the world, by studying historical material, by contributing to inquiries and research projects world wide, we try to make a contribution to the preservation of this rare breed.

Once or twice a year club members organise an informal walk, guests are welcome ! A good way to see and experience the breed in real life. Walks will be announced on this website. Next walk will be October 9th 2011, in the centre of the country. More details can be obtained from Gerdy Mertens, e-mail ghmertens@gmail.com. Unlike in other countries we do not show our hounds. There for a walk is a good way of seeing them.


Of course you can come and see them too in kennels: make an appointment first! Wiljan van den Broek, De Kweb kennels, tel. 0416 312144

You can support the Otterhound by donating 16,-- a year and receive our Newsletter 4 times a year, as well as all other information and invitations for walks!

For all prospective owners and other interested parties: mail or call us, for all questions and facts. Also a so called Bulk Book is available for a small fee: 80 pages of pictures and lots of articles about history, health, pet owners experiences, hunting in the past etc etc. Order at ghmertens@gmail.com, (7,50 plus postage).