Frequently asked questions (Q&A)

What kind of dog is it?
An old British hunting dog, a pack hound (so not very obedient).

What is his character like?
Friendly, humorous, happy, strong minded, very intelligent.

Can you keep him indoors?
Yes, the majority lives in the house. But he can live in kennels as well, provided he has company and the kennel is dry and draft free. But you will be his pack so he will thrive in your company.

Does he listen well?
He hears you very well but is not very obedient by nature. Much depends on the upbringing, the whole family must be very consistent in the approach.

Can he walk off lead?
No, only on safe territories and always under your supervision. Attending a puppy class is strongly recommended, also for this aspect. He will need a properly fenced garden to prevent him from exploring the greener grasses next door. With good training and lots of patience much is possible.

Can he be kept an an only dog?
Yes, but he needs company so he should not be left home alone for more than a few hours a day. As no dog should. By nature he is a pack hound so another dog will be welcomed. He easily accepts other dogs or animals too, such as cats or farm animals. Provided he is introduced to them with care and brains.

Is he gentle with children?
Yes, he is a true children's friend. He can be a bit clumsy in his younger years so bare that in mind when you have very young children or an old granny in the house.

Does he like to swim?
Yes, preferably in muddy pools. Or in his own waterbowl. You will be surprised how wet he can get himself and the house from a small bowl.

What sort of grooming is needed?
Not more than once a week a good brush-over, very little combing, no trimming at all. Ears need to be checked weekly, nail clipping is best practised from puppy onwards.

Is he easily house trained?
That needs attention and work but not different from other breeds.

Is he a good guard dog?
No. He welcomes everybody in a very friendly way.

Has he got strong hunting instincts?
It is a hunting dog, a hound. Bred to be working in a pack. So some do have strong instincts, some don't. He needs attention from puppy onwards, as does all his upbringing. Do a puppy training course.

Does he suffer from car sickness?
If taken out in the car frequently, from puppy onwards, there will be no problem. Also later on he can be trained by driving him around daily for increasing periods of time starting with a few minutes.

Is the breed familiar with HD?
As any large breed there is always a risk. Proper feeding, well dosed exercise and upbringing (like avoiding climbing stairs) can make the difference.

Are there genetic diseases in the breed?
Currently unknown in the Netherlands.

Can he learn a lot?
Yes, a lot, with patience. Or no, not a lot. Depends what you mean by learning. Doggy dancing is not his thing..., but he is very intelligent so possibilities are there.