The breeder


Since 1980 there is only one breeder in this country: de van den Broek family.

The De Kweb Kennels are situated in the midst of the country, in a village called Waspik. Breeding Otterhounds is their hobby. Ria and Tini van den Broek senior started the Kweb kennels, now Wiljan van den Broek junior runs it. The Kweb is a boarding kennel too, where all dogs and cats can stay in holidays etc. Also they run a petfood & articles shop, a barbershop for dogs and they grow and sell many types of pond fishes and plants.

If you are interested in an Otterhound you can get in touch with the breeder or the Otterhound contact. Also for more information and/or a visit to the kennels or a private pet owner.

Wiljan van den Broek,
tel. +31 (0416) 312144,

Gerdy Mertens, tel. +31 (0521) 350383,