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Occasionally a litter is bred, in general one litter each year.

The main goal is to preserve and if possible improve the Otterhound. Therefore the breeder always has the first choice of a litter. As the Otterhound is a very endangered species (more rare than the great panda!) careful and selective breeding is vital to the future of the breed. For that reason there is for many years now a cooperation with an English breeder, Mrs Judith Ashworth of the well known Kingstree kennels. Fresh blood was, and will be, imported from England and mating between English and Dutch hounds has taken place and is foreseen.

Prospective owners are carefully selected and will have to show their motivation for the breed in order to obtain a puppy. Becoming a member of the Dutch Friends of the Otterhound is strongly recommended. As many Otterhounds as possible are monitored during their lifetime, if only from a distance. If, despite all efforts on behalf of the club, the breeder and the owner, the hound cannot stay with his family, it is agreed that he will be given back to the breeder.