Strengths and weaknesses

The Otterhound has a friendly, cheerful, playful character. He is intelligent and sensitive. Adheres strongly to his people (his “pack”). Indoors he is a quiet companion. He should never be trimmed, rarely combed and bathed. He is said to be an allergy-friendly dog thanks to his type of coat.

Up to 3 years old he can be boisterous, needs plenty of space and exercise, although exercise has to be dosed carefully in the first year, to ensure a healthy upgrowing.

He is a big dog (male 67 cm / up to 48 kilo's, female 63 cm / up to 43 kilo's) and he can be clumsy in his enthusiasm. A fact to keep in mind when you have very young children.

Some have a strong hunting passion, which needs to be controlled from a very early age on.

The Otterhound is a hound, as is the beagle for example. So he has a mind of his own and he needs to be brought up with “an iron fist in a velvet glove”. Be very consistent in your approach, as a family, and you will have no problems. But if you expect your Otterhound to be 100% obedient then you know that you and your Otterhound will not become a happy couple. Do not punish yourself and the hound then and choose another breed. But if you look for a great friend with a strong and outspoken personality, a hound with a sense of humour, a super child friend, a companion that will make you smile and cry, then the Otterhound is your dog.

For more details on his appearance we refer you to the Kennel club breed standard.